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Evening march Saturday 20km

Start 17:00 - End 22:30
Costs: 15 francs

The number of participants is limited, participation will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.


The Swiss Two-Day March offers lodgings (e.g. sports halls, civil defense sites)
to the participants during the event at Belp or in the neighborhood. A sleeping bag is obligatory. Costs are 35 CHF per person and night breakfast included.

The chosen (desired) lodgings are considered but will not be guaranteed. The
organisation team could assign you a different lodging (e.g. to avoid overcrowding or because of similar reasons).

Please pay attention to the following facts: A Reservation is only possible by paying the amount previously via E-Banking (see below) ! A direct contact to the lodging's operator is not possible.

If desired, please choose the location here:

General terms and conditions

After you will have submitted the registration form, you will receive a confirmation E-Mail in the next few minutes.

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